MEP Testing and Commissioning

Prior to the handover over MEP projects to client, various tests need to be conducted. This is required for authority approvals as well. Testing and commissioning requires experienced staff and sophisticated equipment. Livisis can ensure peace of mind to our clients by providing unparalleled services in the field of testing and commissioning.
Testing and commissioning play a vital role in ensuring the safety of every projects. Though all the commercial and residential buildings, industries, factories, etc. are once tested and cleared commissioning procedures before handing over by electrical contractor and DEWA inspectors, there are chances for renovation or modification of existing systems as technology develops. This will result in silent variation in electrical loads, which could be analyzed easily by testing and commissioning electrical contractors in Dubai like Livisis. The analysis reports will provide a detailed summary about the existing condition of the project and necessary recommendations like modification of panels, capacitor bank, harmonic filters, cables, etc. can be provided. Similar to Electrical testing and commissioning, AC contractors and plumbing companies have to perform the same and ensure the safety of the inmates of every projects, which makes an MEP company reliable.

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