MEP Design and Shop Drawing

Success of a project lies primarily in a good design. Even highly expensive materials will not provide a functional system if the design is unprofessional. Our team at Livisis, conceives client’s objectives and puts the ideas into a concept report. Once our client is happy with the report, schematic and detailed designs are developed following local authority regulations and international standards. A fully functional system is possible only when the drawings are supported by suitable materials specifications. Livisis can provide generic specifications in line with the detailed design to form a complete tender document.

A detailed design is a tender document, which a contractor can use to quote their price. When it comes to work at site, it needs a shop drawing showing dimensions and details. Livisis design team can carry out Value Engineering and prepare Shop drawing for our design and other’s design drawings.

Our Exclusive Services

Electrical Contracting Services

Livisis has the technical capability to undertake electrical projects of any magnitude and complexity. Our clients include hotels, hospitals, malls, schools, commercial buildings ...

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Harmonic Filters and Distribution Boards

Power quality issues can increase your utility and operating costs. In a 3-phase power system, any disturbance on one parameter (magnitude, frequency, waveform, ...

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DEWA Approval

Once a design drawing or Shop drawing is ready, the work can be commenced only after authority’s approvals. Livisis team is highly experienced ...

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MEP Testing and Commissioning

Prior to the handover over MEP projects to client, various tests need to be conducted. This is required for authority approvals as well. ...

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AC Contracting Services

Expertise in HVAC design, calculations, installations, testing, commissioning, maintenance, etc. makes Livisis trustable AC Contractor in Dubai. Our Services include Air Conditioning Services ...

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