Harmonic Filters and Distribution Boards

Power quality issues can increase your utility and operating costs. In a 3-phase power system, any disturbance on one parameter (magnitude, frequency, waveform, or symmetry) is classified as a power quality problem. Even minor disruptive voltage fluctuations can cause major issues from equipment malfunctions, to flickering lights, to complete power shutdowns. Power quality problems can cause unplanned, expensive outages and equipment failures. Livisis can conduct your power system studies, propose and install capacitor banks, harmonic filters and voltage regulators with a guarantee to solve your problems.

Power Factor Correction

Power factor determines how well you use your power. It’s the simple ratio of your real power over your apparent power. The general engineering practice or rule of thumb is to keep your power factor number as close to 1 as possible. Why correct power factor? Correcting power factor can reduce your utility bills, reduces apparent power and loading on your distribution network, reduces carbon emissions, and improves voltage regulation. The most cost-effective way to correct power factor is to use automatic Capacitor Banks.

Active Harmonic filters (AHF)

There are Active and Passive Harmonic Filters, Active Harmonic filters (AHF) are filters, which can perform the job of harmonic elimination.
Active power filters can be used to filter out harmonics in the power system which are significantly below the switching frequency of the filter. The active power filters are used to filter out both higher and lower order harmonics in the power system.
The main difference between active power filters and passive power filters is that AHFs mitigate harmonics by injecting active power with the same frequency but with reverse phase to cancel that harmonic, where passive power filters use combinations of resistors (R), inductors (L) and capacitors (C) and does not require an external power source or active components such as transistors.

Livisis is one of the highly experienced MEP Contractors and Electrical Contractors in Dubai, is very reliable when the power quality improvement is the objective.AC Contractors and Plumbing Companies in Dubai, after the installation of their systems often find the electrical distribution systems turn unstable. The reason behind this the nonlinear load introduced due to variable frequency drives used in chillers, fans and pumps. If the issue is left unattended, DEWA, if found during their routine tests of the power network, may take serious action on the client. Livisis is a proactive electrical company determined to abide by the regulations set by the authorities. A highly qualified team will be there to solve the distribution system issues better than any other DEWA approved company or MEP Contractor in Dubai.

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