Lighting and Productivity

Recently I met one of my former colleagues at the airport to my pleasant surprise. Soon I could make out that he was not in a good mood.

We went for a coffee together. But his mind was wandering somewhere.

When I asked him what was bothering him he hesitated to open up.

When insisted he presented his issues.

He joined a company as production manager a couple of months back. The company had lot of clients and orders. They had all the infrastructure. But the production was too low to meet the demand. The number of workers was better than any other competitors. Still the production is low.

His management was not happy. He may soon be terminated. Actually, the fear of losing a job was not bothering him. The real issue was that he felt himself a failure.

Few days later, we met again in his manufacturing unit. I visited the production line. There were several workers. I talked to few of them. They did not have any complaints about the management. But they all looked gloomy.

When I was leaving I suggested to improve lighting in the production line.

Later our team of engineers visited the facility and measured the lighting levels. It was very much lower than the standards. We did a lighting design for them including a simulation and lux calculation.

It took few weeks to complete formalities and install the lighting fixtures.

Now with a pleasant lighting their production improved. I met their workers again. They are all happy.

Lighting affects the following:


Ability to work

Ability to concentrate


This may in turn affect:


Performance in office

Interaction with clients


Performance as a creative artist

Livisis is specialized in lighting design and installation. We can approach your issue step by step as follows:

Site survey and lighting measurements

Estimate required lux levels

Lighting design

Lux level calculation using software (Dialux or similar)

Electrical systems modification to suit the new lighting fixtures

Lighting installation

Testing and commissioning

Next time, if you feel you have lighting problem, please contact us.