03 Apr 2021

Lighting and Productivity

Recently I met one of my former colleagues at the airport to my pleasant surprise. Soon I could make out that he was not in a good mood. We went for a coffee together. But his mind was wandering somewhere. When I asked him what was bothering him he hesitated to open up. When insisted […]

17 Mar 2021

AC Systems in Dubai

It is worth learning the basics of the common AC systems used in Dubai before calling an AC contractor to installed Air Conditioning systems for your villa or building projects. In this article we are trying to give you a comparison of various AC systems. Decorative Split Unit System The decorative split AC system consists […]

28 Feb 2021

Role of an Electrical and Mechanical (MEP.HVAC) Contractor in Design and Build Projects in Dubai

Latest trend in building construction is Design and Build projects. In conventional contracts, a consultant is appointed to design and the contractor is supposed to construct following the design. In Design and Build projects, the consultant prepares a concept report and the contractor is supposed to design and construct following the guidelines mentioned in the […]

19 Jan 2021


With the advent of power electronics in 1902, control of electricity became much easier. Since then, several devices including valves, transistors, SCRs, Mosfets, IGBTs etc. took part in the success story. All these developments have been contributing to the idea of green buildings and reduction of carbon foot print over the years. With advantages come […]

24 Oct 2020

Value Engineering in Electrical and Mechanical Systems

electrical and mechanical contractor, Dubai follows proven

31 Mar 2020

Today’s Top Trends in Electrical Lighting

Electrical lighting is a fun and dramatic way to add style and ambiance to your business. With the right light fixtures, you can create a completely new mood or statement in your space. If you are in the market for new electrical lighting for a new or existing space, continue reading below for our expert […]

31 Mar 2020

Save Money on Electrical Services

If you are like most business owners, you have an endless list of expenses each month to keep things afloat. There are many expenses that come with owning a business, including insurance, property taxes, maintenance fees and more! One major cost to any business owner is electrical services. If you are looking to save some […]

30 Mar 2020

The Importance of Maintaining Your Electrical Equipments

Owning, operating, and maintaining a business comes with a massive number of tasks to perform and factors to keep track of. The last thing you’re looking for is to add one more thing to keep an eye on. However, stick with us and you’ll soon understand not only how important commercial electrical maintenance is, but […]