Electrical Contracting Services

power distribution

Livisis has the technical capability to undertake electrical projects of any magnitude and complexity. Our clients include hotels, hospitals, malls, schools, commercial buildings and residential buildings. We offer our service in new building projects, fit-outs, retrofits, renovations etc. In the modern age, electrical systems in buildings and industries are technically complex. It requires expert hands for new installations and modifications.

Livisis guarantees highly qualified technical personnel to attend your requirements. We have specialized staff to design and install switchgear, busbars, cables, capacitor banks, harmonic filters, metering equipment, motor control centers and control panels.

In a commissioned building we can carry out power system analysis and evaluate harmonics which may cause potential harm to sophisticated equipment. After analysis,we can design and install optimum active harmonic filters to protect your systems from failures in short term and long term. In addition to the above we can carry out low current systems and industrial control related work.

Choosing MEP Contractors is an important part in the success of a project. Several factors are to be considered while finalizing Electrical Contractors and AC Contractors in Dubai. It is essential that the Dubai Electrical Company you choose is well versed in DEWA regulations. A DEWA approved Electrical Contractor can keep you at ease even in most complicated situations.